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Customised English-speaking travel agency in Venezuela.

About us: Franbrasil Tour's C.A. !

Franbrasil Tours C.A is a receptive English speaking travel agency in Venezuela. Based in Mérida, in the Andes Cordillera, our young and dynamic team is at your disposal to respond at your mail and phone calls. Furthermore you dispose of phone assistance, personalized 24/24 during your trip. Franbrasil Tour's C.A is registered in Venezuelan Minister of tourism under the code "RTN: 11098", with a license of travel agency “VT:2958” y a license of touristic transport “TTT:816”.

During yours contacts by mail, phone or directly, you will meet yours principal interlocutors:


Responsible of the traveler relations, organization and supervision of the travels.
Juan Valencia

Assistant of the traveler relations, organization and supervision of the travels
Jose Contreras

One of ours guides specialized Llanos, Andes and Catatumbo.
Marcos Castillo

One of ours guides specialized Llanos, Andes, Catatumbo, Angel Fall and Gran Sabana.
Elvis Briceño

One of ours guides specialized Llanos, Andes and Catatumbo.
RAMIREZ Luis Alejandro
RAMIREZ Luis Alejandro

One of ours guides specialized Llanos, Andes and Catatumbo.
PEÑA Ildebrando
PEÑA Ildebrando

Specialized off road driver with Toyota Land Cruiser in Andean area and Catatumbo.
MOLINA Arsenio

Specialized off road driver with Toyota Land Cruiser in Andean area, Llanos and Catatumbo.

Responsible administration, accounts, service control quality, mechanic, driver, guide, etc.
Who are we? It's a long story!
I was never a good narrator, but this probably will give you an idea how it all began... Franbrasil was born in the head of a 25 year old Frenchman whom after having crossed the Atlantic Ocean alone in a sailboat decided to continue his venture and discover Latin America. This entrepreneur, Sylvain Lanctin, born near Paris, France graduated from the National School of the French Merchant Navy with the title Officer 1st Class. After several years exploring different destinations it was a trip through Venezuela that made him realize he had found what he was seeking. At the age of 28, and with the help of a Brazilian friend Roberto Marco Nunes, he decided to take the plunge. Sylvain quit his job in France to create his own company in Latin America and peruse a lifelong dream to have a fascinating career in tourism. While roaming the highest peaks in the Andes Mountains (more than 5000 meters) in his 30 year old Jeep he discovered these small mountain villages lost in time. Places like Los Pueblos del Sur where the people still live a simple life of agriculture and farming meager crops or the vast low-lying marshy savannah plains of Los Llanos where alligators are more abundant than mosquitoes. Imagine standing at the edge of the only road that crosses this vastness and realizing you’re surrounded by more than 20 alligators on all sides! Imagine the region of La Gran Sabana in southern Venezuela and the spectacular tepuy, sleeping under the stars at the base of a waterfall several hundred meters high and being isolated more than 24 hours away from the nearest asphalt road. Imagine being awake with the local people in the middle of the night. Imagine Lake Maracaibo and houses built over the water where to cross the street you must swim or take a boat. Imagine the Caribbean coast and the Canary Islands where sea turtles not frightened by man and will eagerly eat from your hand. VENEZUELA is a paradise, where nature is still intact and magnificent. This is why I decided to explore the passion I feel for this country, its people and its environment.
Our agency...
Our local agency has specialized in the rural ecotourism and the adventure sports, in accord with our work and our daily passion. We have the know-how, the knowledge and the technical means in order to take you closely to a nature preserved for your great satisfaction by having a maximum of contact with the locals, pillar of the organization. Your travel will be prepared according the dates of your choice and with a content adjusted to your tempo and your finances. The ecotourism in Venezuela is characterized by its fauna very varied, its breathtaking sceneries with the highest waterfall of the world, its lake villages (Catatumbo), and its Caribbean coasts but also by its Amazonian forest and its numerous native tribes. Our local agency will know you to do to discover the authentic and traditional side of all its unusual places thanks to our network: guides, drivers and cooks local, who will be at your service. Venezuela, it’s also an ideal playground adapted to the sportsman, with the Venezuelan Andes, culminating at 5000m of altitude. We have specialized in the hikes, rafting on turbulent torrents, paragliding, mountain bike, canyoning, 4*4, and French skipping. Venezuela, it’s an ecotourism without end.
The atmosphere…
Ours trips ecotourism are orientated to respect the local traditions with a permanent questioning about the integration. You’ll be in contact with the inhabitants and share with them the discovery of this beautiful country. The trips are organized alternating; rural rustic zones in the heart of the nature with the local inhabitants and some break comfortable all about the 2-4 days in a regional town. What we mean by rural rustic zones is a welcome in a local family who doesn’t have consistently electricity and hot water. These stakeholders are essential in the organization of ours excursions. Conversely, you’ll dispose consistently of sanitary facilities, rustic but clean with shower. To the extent possible, the long distances are done by flight with sometimes a significant waiting time between 2 national fights, due to frequent delay of the companies. Conversely, other sectors with an access difficult aren’t visited only by 4*4 or by boat, with sometimes long distances, and an alternating with break points to enjoy the landscape and these interest points the most beautiful.In the same vein, ours sports trips, based principally in the regional town of Mérida, in the heart of the mountains, will be taken by local guides, duly trained and professional. We mix in the same time, the sports aspect and the nature’s respect in a preserved setting, combined with the contact human, one of ours strong points. 
The guides…
What is nicer than being in the hands of a local guide, who know perfectly his country and who will be able to answer to your needs, using his professional competences? Venezuela is a big country; it’s why ours guides are specialized by geographical zone in order to give you the best service with native spokespersons of the zone visited. They will give you the best answer to your requirements in English & Spanish, according to excursions that you will have chosen with our help & personalized advices.
The drivers…
Ours drivers are selected for their careful and responsible driving but also for their country knowledge. You will be able to take the advantage of the nautical and road itineraries to exchange with a local receptive in order to soak up the country atmosphere.
The cooks…
Ours cooks are local inhabitants who will make you discover the traditional Venezuelan meals. In the rural zones, and during the excursions, all the meals are included. Conversely, between 2 excursions of 2-4 days and when you have a stop in a regional town, the meals will not be included. Ours local guides will indicate you the recommended places to satisfy your wishes.
Our commitment responsible…
Our agency, based on the experience and the competence of the local family, works in the biggest harmony and mutual respect with the natives. Our social task is to take care of some disadvantaged environments, mainly rural, by giving them training and a worthy work in order to allow them to apply a sustainable development in the actual and modern Venezuelan society. This task is made every day, thanks to a rich and sensitive human experience, allowing us to give the best of this country and to transform your local experience into an enhancive help for the population.